General Overview

While I was constructing my new website, I thought it would be useful to create an excel database listing up all the shirts which are exposed on this site.
Having done this huge work, I continued to create a few statistics on my shirts collection and made them visible with some graphic diagrams.
First, I made an overall overview and counted the national Team shirts in opposition to the club team shirts. From the 820 shirts in total there are about 550 club team and 270 national team shirt in my collection.

Overall Top 10 Shirts

The biggest part of my 820 shirts is – of course – the AC Milan section with nearly 190 shirt – a quote of nearlx 25%. It is followed by the two equal amounts of Holland and Switzerland shirts and ends up with several club teams from Switzerland and Italy, only mixed up by the Brazil shirts of the 80’s and 90’s which are on the 6th place.

Top 10 Club Team Shirts

If I just look at the club team shirts, it is obvious that – again – AC Milan with 190 shirts builds a huge part – more than one third of all. Runners up are the two Swiss clubs FC Basel and Grasshoppers Zürich with about 45 shirts each.

Top 10 Club Team Shirts

Without AC Milan Shirts
In a second look, I put away the AC Milan shirts and just put the focus on the other club shirts. Basel and Grasshoppers clearly lead the range, followed by the italian legends Juventus and Napoli and the old Admial and HCC shirts of Servette. The range is concluded with FC Zürich, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and AS Roma with all more or less equal amounts.

Top 10 National Team Shirts

Looking at the national team shirts, Holland and Switzerland lead the range with 80 shirts each. Brazil in the third place is already far beyond. But if I broke it down only to the 80’s shirts, Brazil with its iconic Topper shirts (26) would lead the range before Switzerland (21 shirts) and Holland (19 shirts). 
The „big three“ are followed by Italy, Argentina and England.

Top 10 Countries

Taking a look again at all shirts together – national teams and club teams – and breaking the charts down to the countries, most of the shirts are from Italy, followed by Switzerland. Of course, the huge number of Serie A and – especially – AC Milan shirts has a big impact on this issue. The same for Switzerland with a big amount of national and club team shirts, while Holland on the third place only consists mainly of national team shirts.


Which are the decades with most of the shirts in my collection? The 70’s shirts were and still are hard to get nowadays. Therefore, they only build 9% of the whole collection. The actual shirts (from 2020 to today) don’t even exist in my statistic, as I’m not very keen on collecting them. Actually, I mostly don’t like these new designs. Therefore, the shirts from the 80’s, 90’s and partly from the early 2000’s make the big part of the whole „cake“ as we use to say it in Switzerland. The shirt designs of Adidas and Lotto during the 80’s and 90’s – and the early 2000’s – are among my favourites and worn by three of my favourite teams like AC Milan, Holland and Switzerland. They are completed with an important amount of the legendary Topper shirts of Brazil during the 80’s.

Top 10 Seasons

AC Milan Shirts
There are several reasons why the early 90’s build the biggest part of my AC Milan collection. First, I just liked the designs of the two brands Adidas and Lotto very much. They were simple, but efficient and beautiful at the same time, without having all these flashy details like the shirts have today.
Second, in 1992 they began to produce different shirts for the national championship and for the european, while they mainly played in one version before. The only exceptions were the final shirts. This fact surely increased the amount of collected shirts after the early 90’s, of course.

Top 10 Brands

Adidas was the leading brand in the 70’s and 80’s and probably until the early 2000’s. Many clubs – also those in my shirts collection – wore that brand. Therefore, Adidas is the absolute leader in my shirts collection. In the meantime, Nike took over most of the top clubs and national teams as a shirts manufacturer, which I personally don’t appreciate, as I don’t like most of their designs – with some exceptions, of course.
Lotto in the second place was the official garment furnisher in the 90’s of AC Milan, Holland and Switzerland, which build a big part of my collection anyway. At that time, it was probably my favourite shirt design. In the meantime, there are only a few clubs left wearing that brand.

Top 10 Back Numbers

It’s not such a surprise that the number 10 leads the range of back numbers, as it is without any doubt the most wanted number ever. Many legendary players wore that number: Pelé, Maradona, Zico, Platini, Gullit, Zidane, Baggio, Messi – only to mention a few – and well known Swiss players like Favre, Ponte and Sforza as well, of course.
The number 7 was „my“ number when I played at the local football club. In my collection it also appears many times (Ronaldo, Donadoni, Beckham …).
The number 3 in third place is certainly due to the numberous Maldini shirts in my collection – one of the most legendary left backs in football history.
Specially to mention is the number 14 on the 10th place with 32 shirts. I don’t know why I got so many shirts with that number. Just to make it clear: I only have ONE Johan Cruyff shirt – with number 14!