Swapping Shirts

Swapping shirts is always a very subjective and individual story – simply due to the fact that the value of a shirt is never objective and always depends on the individual taste and wish of the owner and/or bidder. The main goal of a swap should be that both parties get what they want – a so called win-win situation.
During all my collecting years I swapped hundreds of shirts. There were good swaps and there were also a few bad ones – which I often realized afterwards.

One swap I still remember was when years ago I exchanged an old 1981/82 Juventus shirt of Sergio Brio against a 1988/89 AC Milan shirt of some bench player. At the time I was looking after a short sleeved Milan shirt of that season as they were not available commercially and principally difficult to get.
But I didn’t realize that the Juventus shirt probably was one of the rarest shirts ever and initially came of the collection of an ex Inter Milan player who gave the shirt to an Italian friend of mine.
Today, the value of such a Juventus shirt is a few thousands of dollars, while the Milan shirt I recently got back for 150. So, looking back I shouldn’t ever have done this swap. But you’re always wiser afterwards!