Second Hand Business

A few months ago, me and some other fellow collectors from Switzerland finally were able to find one of the most wanted and one of the rarest Switzerland shirt ever: The World Cup 1994 away player version. We all were looking for this shirt for at least 20 years – without success. And suddenly, they appeared. Of course, we were all happy – despite the huge price the sellers asked for it.

But there were two facts behind this all which at the beginning seemed a little bit strange to me:

1) The shirts were sold by some eBay sellers from Ucraina.

2) There were dozens of such shirts on the market – from several players like Sforza, Knup, Ohrel, Hottiger, Quentin, Herr and many more.

I was asking myself:

1) How the X do such extremely rare player issued shirts find their way from Switzerland to Ucraina. 
2) And why are there sold so many of these shirts?

Further, there were not only shirts from the Switzerland national teams but also from several Swiss and international clubs.

Read the whole story behind clicking on the picture on the left. The article is written in german and was taken from the ZWOELF magazine #57, page 20.