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My first football shirt

Actually, the very first shirt was given to my by my uncle from Spain who lived near Barcelona. It was a mid 70’s template Barça shirt in a very „scratchy“ cloth fabric and rather unconfortable to wear. The football on the picture was also from him.

It was in 1978, when the FC St.Gallen, the regional club where I live, reached the highest Swiss league. The boss of my mother, who lived there, thought that I just need to have this shirt and gave it to me as a present. I didn’t refuse, of course 🙂
You can imagine how proud I was to own my first official soccer shirt, and when I first wore it in the gymnastic lession at school I even didn’t allow anyone else to touch it …
Unfortunately, I don’t have this shirt anymore, because due to other interests during my growing period, I gave all shirts away which I had before. Now I regret it.

Local hobby tournaments (Part 1)

To me, the absolute highlight of the year was neither the National day nor my birthday, but much more the local hobby football tournament, which we called „Grümpelturnier“ in Swiss German.
Me and some friends of our primary school class decided to participate as well, but at the end we didn’t have much luck against the other teams – especially because they all were part of local football clubs and knew quite well how to play football, while we just kicked and rushed … and hoped that the ball will  somehow reach the goal.

Local hobby tournaments (Part 2)

In the late 70’s and early 80’s there were organizated some school class tournaments where different classes of different schools played against each other. It was an early form of the today so called „CS-Cup“. Of course, we had our team, but were not very successful at last. But who cares! It was more important to be part of the tournament …

Local hobby tournaments (Part 3)

From 1980 to 1982 I went to the secondary school, where some pupils of our class participated again at two local  tournaments.
Both of them we won clearly – one of it with a score balance of 39 to 1 goals. These successes were based on two facts: First, we had a brillant football player in our class (the boy  on the right), who was able to shoot wonderful crosses. Second, at this age of 14 years, I was at least one head taller than others (the guy in the middle). At one of these tournaments I shot 17 goals in about 4 matches – 11 of them with a header – as a consequence to the above mentioned two facts … 😉

My first World Cup match

I was 14 years old when in summer 1982 I had the opportunity to visit a few World Cup matches at the legendary „Estadio Nou Camp“ in Barcelona. Before the beginning of the tournament I already „calculated“ the way of my favourite team, the Brazilian „samba coorporation“ with Zico, Socrates, Falcao & Co. – hoping that they would come to Barcelona.
In fact, they came to Barcelona, but unfortunately they played at the „Sarria“ stadium of Barça’s local rival where they met Italy in one of the most legendary matches ever played, and as I had only the tickets for the Nou Camp stadium, I was „forced“ to watch URSS – Poland instead (0-0). What a disappointment! I was sitting on the top of the stadium – but you can imagine how down I felt … At least, I finally was able to watch the semi-final Italy-Poland as well (see picture), which ended with a score of 2-0 for the later world champion Italy.

At the "San Siro"

During the early 90’s I often visited the San Siro Stadium at Milan to watch my favourite club, AC Milan, at that time still with its glorious team around the dutch stars Van Basten, Gullit and Rijkaard.

In the local football club

From 1989 to 1992 I played in a local football club as a midfield player. It was a great time – which ended all of a sudden due to the consequences of a back injury which forced me to stop from one day to the other. Of course, I still play from time to time, but just for fun and not in an official football club  anymore.

Local hobby tournaments (Part 4)

From 1990 to 2001 I worked in a company where – at least in the early 90’s – there was the tradition to participate at the local hobby tournaments with an own team. As a passionate football fan and player I have never had to be asked twice, of course. This picture was taken in 1990.

Teachers vs. Pupils match (Part 1)

At the school where I teach there is the tradition since many years that the pupils of the last year play a match against the teachers. This match usually takes place in the last week before they leave school. This picture was taken in 2007 after the match which we (the teachers) lost against the pupils 3-4 after a good performance and after even leading with 3-1 at half-time.
The difference was that we were 10 teachers for a 6 player’s team against 30 pupils which could change in and out several times. You can imagine that our breath did not last until the end of the match …

Teachers vs. Pupils match (Part 2)

Two years later, in June 2009, we did it better and won 3-0 against the pupil’s team. Even though I have to admit that the pupils actually played much better than our teacher’s team, but just weren’t able to beat our defence, including our great goal keeper (a boy of my class, by the way). We on the other side needed three chances to shoot three goals. A tactical masterpiece, we could say. But maybe it was only luck! 😉

In this match, I also shot a goal – the first … and unfortunately last one for my school! Several injuries forced me to stop playing football a few years later!

School tournaments (Part 1)

In September 2009 we organized a school football tournament where 14 class teams, one teacher’s team and one parent’s team played against each other.
My class couldn’t find an adequate dress for all of them, and so they asked me if I  could help them with some shirts. Of course, I  could! 😉
So, at the end, my class played with my old AC Milan shirts. I have never seen so many „Gullits“, „Van Bastens“, „Rijkaards“ and „Baresis“ on one pitch before … 😉 There was even one little „Kaka“ … 😉

School tournaments (Part 2)

Just one day before the World Cup 2010 in South Africa started we arranged our own „World Cup tournament“ at school, where once more 14 classes and one teacher’s team played against each other. Further, every team played as a nation participating at the World Cup. My class for example played as „Denmark“, and the teacher’s crew got the „Holland“ team to represent. As a matter of fact, it was no question for me to offer some Holland shirts from my collection to wear during this tournament. 😉
The „OZO World Cup“ winning team was „Cameroun“, by the way. „Holland“ (we teachers) „survived“ the first round and got kicked off after the quarter finals by „France“ … in fact much better than last time. 😉

Teachers vs. Pupils match (Part 3)

Two years later (and older!) we teachers played again against the pupils. We actually played quite well, but after 20 minutes no one of us had enough breath to avoid the two pupil goals which lead to their 2-0 victory. It’s really a question of age: A 15 year old body runs faster and easier than a 40 year old one. Even if our mind hardly realizes this difference … 😉

CS Cup (Part 1)

Every year, my pupils participate at a national school football tournament – more or less successful. Of course, I always offer them to play in my old Milan shirts, which they mostly appreciate very much. 
One class played in the home shirts, the other in the away shirts.

School tournaments (Part 3)

As usual in our school we use the years of international football competitions like World or European Cups for a huge school tournament where all classes play against each other. My class – once again – played in my Milan shirts. This tournament was played during the EURO 2012.

CS Cup (Part 2)

In 2013 both classes builded one single team. The picture shows them in the usual Milan away shirts – together with me as „coach“ (on the left) and two girls of our classes (on the right), who supported us as „fans“.

CS Cup (Part 3)

In September 2014 the girls of my new first classes builded two teams for this year’s tournament. Even if they didn’t reach the final matches, they had much fun. But the Milan shirts they wore were slightly too large for most of them … 😉

FIFA World Cup Museum

In February 2016, the FIFA museum opened in Zürich. I was officially asked to lend two of my Holland World Cup shirts to the museum. They are exposed now in the World Cup gallery in the ground floor. Unfortunately, they don’t present the whole shirt – front and back -, but only the front view with the lion crest. But it’s cool anyway!
In autumn 2016, I decided to visit the museum myself! The entrance ticket I received for free! 😉

At the World Cup 1974 showcase with my Rob Rensenbrink Holland shirt
At the World Cup 1978 showcase with my Ruud Krool Holland shirt

CS Cup (Part 4)

Another class, another team. In 2018, the boys of my class played a great football and reached the semi-final, where they lost against a team with quite older pupils among them. In one year the game restarts again, and they will get another chance! 🙂
As they hadn’t their own dress I supplied them with some of my 1980’s Holland shirts. They looked great in them!

CS Cup (Part 5)

One year later, in 2019, the boys won the regional tournament and were qualified for the cantonal tournament. There, they reached the final match which got only lost after the penalty shoot-outs. A great effort!